Jason Stanley Marshall


Empowering Students and the Adults in Their Lives to Build Resilience and Live by the Golden Rule




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Here's What You'll Experience...

His 45-50 minute high-energy keynote is full of excellent information and can be applied to any non-criminal aggression at home, on campus, or online. Jason teaches students two basic principles:

  • Don’t get upset (Emotional Resilience)

  • Treat them like a friend (The Golden Rule)

Jason has delivered this message of resilience to all ages, from early elementary to high school students, plus teachers, parents, and everyone in between. He strives to live it out by example, and raise his children to be resilient in the face of anything that comes their way.

What Others are Saying...

Chief School Administrator

"Jason has brought a very timely message for our school. It's important for us to talk about the issue of bullying with our students and help them learn how to act towards a bully."

School Board President

"We bring in speakers on a regular basis and the most requested speaker in our history is Jason. He has the unique gift of delivering such a powerful message on their level."

Director of Events

"For the past 12 years Jason has been on our stage as either a speaker or emcee. Year after year he knocks it out of the park and sets the tone for our largest event of the year."

More About Jason Stanley Marshall, Sr...

Jason was born and raised on the beaches of Ocean City, NJ. As the youngest of 8 kids he had to learn how to survive and build resilience. 

He has been empowering and inspiring youth for over 20 years. His motto is "you earn the right to be heard" and works hard to bridge the gap between students and adults.

As a speaker Jason is energetic and will engage audiences of all ages. He specializes in teaching youth how to be emotionally resilient and motivates them to live by the Golden Rule to stop the cycle of bullying and aggression.

Watch this raw behind-the-scenes video of the highly engaging "Golden Rule Game"


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